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  1. Lorraine Forlong
    July 20, 2018 @ 9:24 am

    I was reading this just yesterday and loved the way J.K. Doyle describes the emotional life of God, “The God of the prophets was engaged, emotional, more “human” than we would like, volatile and unpredictable in mood but consistently predictable in love … the God of the prophets is “the most moved mover,” more deeply affected by human existence and experience than we can fathom.“ He tags this blog, “the weakness of God”. Read it here. http://www.jkdoyle.com/the-prophets-and-an-emotional-god/

    Knowing this about God, somehow gives me a sense of relief, “he is a God who understands me; he understands life, suffering, love, grief …”, compared with the belief of an impassible God – one who is incapable of suffering or feeling pain.
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